Employee Benefit Planning

Employee Benefit Planning for Businesses from MCB

Finding – and keeping – good employees is crucial for the success of any business. Successful business owners know that one way to do this is to provide good benefits to employees as a reward for the hard work they put into the company. At MCB Business Consultants, we realize that retention, and rewarding the people that keep your business moving forward, is an important part of your day-to-day existence as a business owner. That’s why we strive to offer you comprehensive employee benefit planning that can help your business keep running smoothly – and keep your employees productive for years to come.

At MCB, we do financial planning a little bit differently than most – we actually sit down with you and help you create an employee benefit plan that’s as unique as your business. We want to understand you and your employees, so we can put into play the benefits that will make the biggest impact. Each employee benefit plan is custom-tailored to meet your needs as a business owner, and your employees’ needs. We help you create a win-win situation when it comes to employee benefits, which helps your company succeed.

Let MCB work with you on the employee benefit planning needs for your business.

MCB will focus in on the three core benefit categories, and from there we’ll create a comprehensive employee benefit plan for your company. Those three core categories are:

  • Health care: This tops the list as the most talked about employee benefit because of its importance, and its cost. At MCB, we help you as a business owner understand your health benefits options, and deliver the service you need. Each health insurance renewal should entail a plan and pricing review. Most importantly, you the business owner should feel comfortable with the service model we provide.
  • Retirement benefits: Retirement benefit are broken down into two categories – defined contribution plans such as 401k and IRAs, and defined benefit plans, which are mostly pension plans. Defined contribution plans like a 401k encourage employees to set aside their own funds for retirement each pay period. The cost of offering a defined contribution plan will depend on the size of your company and if you decide to match a percentage of your employee’s contribution.
  • Specialty benefits: These include group life, group disability insurance, and dental and vision coverage.

MCB can help you with an employee benefit planning solution that perfectly fits your business needs. To learn more about the services we provide, contact us online using our convenient form, or feel free to call our Buffalo, Syracuse or Utica office. We will be more than happy to schedule a time to meet with you and help you with your employee benefit planning needs. We look forward to serving you and your business.